Religious Studies VI – 2009 / 2010

Introduction to Philosophy

St. Andrew's School

Mr. Hutchinson



Syllabus 2



B Week

Friday, Oct. 16:  Continue discussion of relativism and Adler.




A Week

Monday, Oct. 19:  PAPER DUE on Relativism.


Wed., Oct. 21:  Read in De Botton, pps. 45 - 64; “Can money buy happiness?


Friday, Oct. 23:  Read in De Botton, pps. 65 – 72. Make your own Epicurean Acquisition List (t.b.h.i.): “What are the obstacles in your life to attaining happiness?”




B Week

Monday, Oct. 26:  Read in De Botton, pps. 75 95. “Should St. Andrew’s require community service?


Wed., Oct. 28:  Are you  feeling anxious? De Botton, pps. 96 112.


Friday, Oct. 30:  Paper due in class; Comparing Seneca and Epicurus.



E N D   O F   F I R S T   Q U A R T E R



A Week

Monday, Nov. 2:  Reading in de Botton about Montaigne, pps. 115 – 130; What lessons do we learn from Pyrrho’s Pig?


Wed., Nov. 4:  Intro to “the economic way of thinking” – Homo Economicus, “the Invisible Hand” and the Free Market. Musing on Capitalism and Market failure.


Friday, Nov. 6:   Read de Botton pps.  131 - 150;  Superstition and Philosophy.




B Week

Monday, Nov. 9:  Writing assignment on the Montaigne quotes is due. Using the Handout about Montaigne, choose one of the passages and unpack it. What are its limitations?  What are the standards that you are using to judge?


Wed., Nov. 11:  Read de Botton pps.  151 - 170; Are you feeling Intellectually Inadequate? Bring a favorite quote from an “academic” source.



AM I FREE OR DETERMINED? D’Holbach v. Sartre


Friday, Nov. 13:  Read Baron D‘Holbach “Am I Free or Determined?”, pp. 95 – 102 in Castell et al.




A Week

Monday, Nov. 16:  Read J.P. Sartre “I Am Free”, pp. 102 - 106 in Castell et al.


Wed., Nov. 18:  Read Walter Stace “I am Determined and Free”, pps. 106 - 112 in Castell et al.


Friday, Nov. 20:  Paper due on Determinism answering the question – “Am I free or am I determined?”




B Week

Wed., Dec. 2:  Read in de Botton, pgs.  171 186. Reading quiz.


Friday, Dec. 4:  Read in de Botton, pgs. 187 – 202.




A Week

Monday, Dec. 7:  Aesthetics Reading due – “What things do I call beautiful?” No class – Evening lecture on Tuesday.